Egypt: Pyramids, Temples & the Nile - The Geluxe Collection

Egypt is a country that sparks the imagination with thoughts of the ancient pyramids and the majestic Nile. On this 10-day adventure, visit all the main archeological sites, while also stopping at smaller lesser know temples along the Nile. Experience the sounds of the river and countryside on a traditional Dahabiya sailboat — your home for five unforgettable nights. Connect with a local family over a meal in Aswan and visit the renowned Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Do more than just see Egypt; take part in it and let it stay with you until the end of time.
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Tour Provider G Adventures
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Cairo, Egypt
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Cairo, Egypt
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Avg. 30+
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1 to 16
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Day 1 - Cairo: Welcome to Egypt
Famous for pyramids, temples and pharaohs, Egypt is so much more than its monuments and rich history, the deep-rooted culture makes it a very special place to explore. From chaotic Cairo to charming Nile riverbank villages, the people are warm and they sincerely open their hearts to visitors. We welcome you to Egypt, and invite you to be charmed by Egypt's 6000-plus years of living traditions.
Day 2 - Giza: The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx
Put your explorer hat on and imagine you are back in 1798 with the first scientist sent by Napoleon to document the Great Pyramids of Egypt. As you set eyes on them imagine them half-submerged in sand ready for you to dig in and explore. While none of this was new to the locals, foreigners were seeing them for the first time, just like you now are.
Day 3 - Luxor: The Great Temples of Egypt
What was once a multi-week journey up the Nile now only takes a few hours to travel from Cairo to Luxor. However the amazement you feel is profound when your eyes first see the great temples of Egypt. You immediately understand why for centuries people have been coming here to explore and observe these incredible monuments.
Day 4 - Luxor: The West Bank & Valley of the Kings
Step back in time as you set off on an early morning journey to explore the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the temples of the West Bank. Rumours of ancient curses abound here and yet the real true curse is that you can never have enough time to explore each tomb. Rejoin our dahabiya, and set sail like the early explorers, continuing up the Nile.
Day 5 - Esna to Ramadi: Sailing the Nile
Our sails are up and your first full day of sailing on the Nile is ahead. Get ready to discover incredible sites and enjoy experience only possible on a dahabiya.
Day 6 - Ramadi to Herdyab Island: People along the Nile
Our journey south continues. Today the Nile meanders along farmlands and small islands that have forever been bathed by rich nutrients, creating fertile land in a narrow green ribbon along the river's banks, surrounded by desert on both sides. Even if living here can be challenging, the people are always welcoming and smile at you when you meet.
Day 7 - Herdyab Island to Aswan: Sailing to Philea
The last day sailing the Nile begins as you set sail for Aswan, the furthest South you can go by boat since the dam that formed Lake Nassar was built. As you approach Aswan the river gets busier and the city comes in view. Dotted with small islands, Aswan is our last stop on the Nile.
Day 8 - Aswan to Cairo: Visit Abu Simbel
In 1964, the world united around the mission to save the Abu Simbel temple from being submerged forever in the rising waters of Lake Nassar. A global effort was put in place to dismantle and rebuild the temple at a site above the high water mark. That feat of humanity meant that these temples were saved for all of us to enjoy.
Day 9 - Cairo: Your OMG day
There is nothing better than ending on a high note and today you will do just that. After having seen the temples, the pyramid and the tombs, today you get to see the great treasures of Egypt housed in the Grand Egyptian Museum. Then discover Cairo on your own terms, with two activity options to choose from for the rest of the day, one focused on the culture and history of Egypt and the other on food.
Day 10 - Cairo: Departure
Your adventure comes to an end, and you can depart at any time today. You may be leaving Egypt behind, but the experiences you have will last forever.
  • Your G for Good Moment: Funtasia Project Visit, Luxor Your Welcome Moment: Welcome Moment - Meet Your CEO and Group Your Local Living Moment: Nubian Village Visit, Aswān Your OMG Day: Egyptian Lunch & Historic Walk or Downtown Cairo Food & Walking Tour, Cairo
  • Complimentary arrival transfer
  • Welcome dinner
  • Guided visit of Sakkara and and the Step Pyramid of Zoser
  • Guided visit of the Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx
  • Guided visit to the temples of Dendra, Karnak and Luxor
  • 5-night traditional dahabiya sailing excursion
  • Guided visit of the Valley of the Kings and Temple of Queen Hatshipsut
  • Guided visit of the tomb complex of El Kab and the temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo
  • Guided visit of Philea Temple in Aswan
  • Fly in and fly out Abu Simbel tour
  • Visit the Grand Egyptian Museum
  • Farewell Dinner
  • Departure transfer
  • Internal flights and all transport between destinations and to/from included activities
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10 Oct 2024 19 Oct 2024 9 $8,299
24 Oct 2024 02 Nov 2024 8 $8,299
07 Nov 2024 16 Nov 2024 9 $8,659
21 Nov 2024 30 Nov 2024 14 $8,659
19 Dec 2024 28 Dec 2024 8 $8,659
23 Jan 2025 01 Feb 2025 14 $8,159
06 Feb 2025 15 Feb 2025 13 $8,159
27 Feb 2025 08 Mar 2025 16 $8,659
06 Mar 2025 15 Mar 2025 15 $8,659
13 Mar 2025 22 Mar 2025 14 $8,659
20 Mar 2025 29 Mar 2025 12 $8,659
03 Apr 2025 12 Apr 2025 14 $8,659
10 Apr 2025 19 Apr 2025 16 $8,659
17 Apr 2025 26 Apr 2025 16 $8,659
01 May 2025 10 May 2025 16 $7,839
08 May 2025 17 May 2025 16 $7,839
15 May 2025 24 May 2025 16 $7,839
05 Jun 2025 14 Jun 2025 16 $7,839
18 Sep 2025 27 Sep 2025 16 $8,159
25 Sep 2025 04 Oct 2025 16 $8,159
16 Oct 2025 25 Oct 2025 16 $8,159
23 Oct 2025 01 Nov 2025 16 $8,159
13 Nov 2025 22 Nov 2025 16 $8,659
20 Nov 2025 29 Nov 2025 16 $8,659
11 Dec 2025 20 Dec 2025 16 $8,659
18 Dec 2025 27 Dec 2025 16 $8,659