Egypt With Nile Cruise

That calendar you live by—the one with 365 days divided into twelve months—you can thank the ancient Egyptians for the handy invention that helps you manage your time. In this 9-day holiday, you’ll marvel at many other amazing accomplishments of this remarkable civilisation. The daunting Great Pyramids, the enigmatic Sphinx and the extraordinary temples of Luxor and Karnak are well worth the journey as are the sparkling treasures inside Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, including the fascinating burial items from the opulent tomb of “King Tut”. As you sail down the legendary Nile from Luxor to Aswan on this enthralling tour of Egypt, you’ll also stand in awe at the Kom Ombo Temple, barter for goods at the bustling bazaars, and sway to the rhythmic drums on a relaxing felucca ride down the Nile.

Traveller Notes
We’ve packed everything you need for the perfect holiday—from hand-selected hotels and dining to the friendly expertise of Globus Tour Directors and Local Guides (with headsets to hear every word), to seamless transportation between destinations and VIP access to the world’s most iconic sites!
Tour details
Tour Provider Globus
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Number of Days
Start Location
Cairo, Egypt
End Location
Cairo, Egypt
Age Range
Avg. 40+
Group Size
14 to 24
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No specific theme
Physical Rating
Easy to Moderate
Itinerary Open all
Welcome to Cairo! At 6 pm, meet your Tour Director and travelling companions for a welcome dinner at your hotel. (D)
Secrets of the Sphinx
CAIRO Guided sightseeing includes a visit to the Egyptian Museum.
GIZA See the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. (B)

HISTORY & MYSTERY Get up close and personal with The Pyramids of Giza - one of the World's Seven Wonders. Ponder the enigmatic secrets of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Marvel at the massive monument of Cheops, the most colossal pyramid ever built. with an original height of 151 metres (496 feet).
River Mysteries Revealed
CAIRO Fly to Luxor.
LUXOR Embark on your Nile River cruise ship with lunch on board. This afternoon, guided sightseeing includes the Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. (B,L,D)

ANCIENT CITIES See the stunning monuments of Luxor and Karnak, ancient cities whose combined populations once topped one million. Walk among the pillars of the colossal Temple of Amun Ra and along the Avenue of the Sphinxes for an experience you will treasure for a lifetime.
Kings, Queens & Captain's Cocktails
LUXOR Time to wander around at your own pace or perhaps take an optional excursion on the West Bank of the Nile. Enjoy a Captain's welcome cocktail party.
Sail to Edfu. (B,L,D)

HISTORIC SPOTS Venture in "World's greatest open-air Museum" where most of the ruins and artefacts at the site have been preserved and they are as still in their original forms.
Egyptian Gods & Gowns
EDFU Visit the Temple of Horus, then enjoy lunch on board while sailing.
KOM OMBO Guided walking tour includes the temple dedicated to the crocodile and falcon gods. Free time to browse. Enjoy a Galabeya (traditional Egyptian gown) party on board this evening. (B,L,D)

LEGENDS & LORE Explore captivating Kom Ombo with a walking tour of its bluff-top twin temples. Gaze at the spellbinding temples dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek-Ra and the falcon god Horus.
Landscapes & Legends of the Nile
ASWAN Discover the land of gold that has kept the treasures of the pharaos for centuries. Sail on a felucca (traditional wooden sailing boat) around Kitchener's Island and the Mausoleum of Aga Khan. Take part in a Nubian Folklore presentation on board this evening. (B,L,D)

EPIC RIDE Sail from Aswan on a felucca a traditional Egyptian wooden boat with a canvas sail. Capture the wind to move effortlessly around the botanical sanctuary of Kitchener's Island and the Mausoleum of Aga Khan - the stately and austere done-topped rose limestone monument and Carrara-marble tomb of the 20th-century religious and political leader.
At Leisure in Aswan
ASWAN Disembarkation. Free time this afternoon and evening. (B)

EXPLORE MORE with an excursion to the High Dam, the Philae Temple and the Unfinished Obelisk. Learn how in the early 1970s, after the inauguration of the Aswan High Dam, raging floods risked the submersion of Philae. The rescue of these Nubian monuments is thanks to the joint effort between the Egyptian government and UNESCO, who then moved the sanctuary to higher ground. How did they do it? They dismantled the structures into 40,000 blocks and transferred them brick by brick to their new home.
Capital Ideas in Cairo
ASWAN Fly to Cairo.
CAIRO Enjoy free time this afternoon, followed by a farewell dinner at your hotel this evening. (B,D)

EXPLORE MORE in the "the city of a thousand minarets" with its skyline filled with many mosques, castles, and churches in this bustling and historic metropolis.
Day 9 - CAIRO.
Safe travels until we meet again! Your holiday ends with breakfast this morning. (B)
8 breakfasts.
4 lunches.
6 dinners.
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