Japan: Kyoto, Tokyo & the Michinoku Coastal Trail - The Geluxe Collection

Japan is a country made for the adventure seekers. It bridges modernity and ancient traditions like almost no other place on earth. From discovering the villages outside Kyoto on foot, to kayaking Japan's deepest lake, to walking the breathtaking Michinoku Coastal Trail, this adventure invites you to discover Japan's past and present while using each day to explore outdoors. Wrap up your adventure with luscious hot springs and a sip of sake — you'll have earned it.
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Tour Provider G Adventures
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Kyoto, Japan
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Tokyo, Japan
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Avg. 30+
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1 to 16
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Day 1 - Kyoto: A Cultural Capital
Once the capital city of Japan for over a thousand years, Kyoto now finds itself the cultural capital, if not the actual one. In its evolution, what Kyoto lost in title, it has more than made up for in culture, gastronomy, and charm. Your journey through Japan begins in this unforgettable former capital. Welcome to Kyoto, and to Japan, and we invite you to embrace your evolution. Like Kyoto, we only get better with age.
Day 2 - Kyoto: Kitayama Villages Hike
The Kitayama mountains border Kyoto on the north and juxtapose bustling Kyoto with their tranquil wooded pathways. The bright red Tengu, a physical statue of a supernatural spirit, is your starting point as you hike from village to village, exploring the forest and the cultural treasures within it.
Day 3 - Lake Tazawa: Japan's Deepest Lake
Legend gs that Tatsuko, a girl known for her beauty, went to Lake Tazawa to search for the spring of eternal beauty. Upon taking gulp after gulp, she is turned into a dragon and is thrust into the lake. Her quest to find eternal beauty was left unfulfilled, but the beauty of Lake Tazawa remains, as stunning now as it was when Tatsuko drank from its shores.
Day 4 - Lake Tazawa: An Ode to Rice and Sake
Exploring this small part of Akita prefecture feels as though you have been let in on a very good secret. Cherry blossoms, sake and samurai may sound like familiar emblems of Japanese culture, but the day's explorations shed an entirely new light on what you thought you knew. Small samurai villages, friendly local people, and a stunning preservation of culture that invites you to slow down and take in what makes Japan truly unique.
Day 5 - Nyuto Onsen: Hot Springs in the Mountains
Just outside Lake Tazawa lies the village of Nyuto. Seven different Ryokan call Nyuto home, and one of these Ryokan is your resting place for the evening. This area is famous for its Onsen, Japanese natural spring baths. Take time to enjoy the peace and tranquility of being far from the rest of the world while the warm spring water refreshes you from the outside in.
Day 6 - Iwate: Fudai and a Story of Resilience
The Tsunami that hit the coast of Japan in 2011 devastated communities along the northeastern coastline. One village, however, was spared. Fudai, in Iwate prefecture, is a place left untouched by western commercialism, and luckily, by the effects of the Tsunami. An incredibly bold, forward thinking mayor initiated the building of a seawall that proved ominously prescient. Thanks to the seawall, centuries of tradition, culture and history were preserved. Because of this, we have an extremely rare and unique opportunity to hike to an ancient shrine and witness a performance very few people on Earth have ever had the chance to see. Spend time in Fudai eating local Japanese delicacies, hearing from locals about their experiences after the Tsunami, and visit the seawall itself.
Day 7 - Iwate: Michinoku Coastal Trail Trek
The Michinoku Coastal Trail is a story of community tourism. It's a story of building back better after a devastating loss. The trail itself offers unparalleled views of the blue ocean crashing into rocky sea caves. The day spent with local trekking guides and fishermen give a glimpse into local life here in Iwate.
Day 8 - Tokyo: Jodogahama Beach
Jodogahama beach looks like something slightly out of a scene from Star Wars-rock formations jutting straight out of the clear blue water. A six minute walk brings you straight to the beach-with time for a swim or leisurely seaside walk. Bright and busy Tokyo is on the horizon so breathe in that salty air while you can.
Day 9 - Tokyo: A Modern Story
From its humble beginning as a fishing village, Tokyo, formerly known as Edo, is now Japan's most populous city. Get the most out of your time here with your local CEO. In the morning, explore old town Asakusa. Walk from Shibuya Crossing to Takeshita Street on an afternoon walking tour of Tokyo's can't miss spots.
Day 10 - Tokyo: Your OMG Day
Eat or walk, walk or eat? If you are an active foodie, you're familiar with this internal debate. Your OMG Day will be incredible no matter what you choose-but it's up to you to decide what the day holds. Join your CEO for a full day excursion to Mt. Fuji or meet a local guide and dive headfirst into all things Japanese cuisine, slurping and crunching your way through the day.
Day 11 - Tokyo
Your adventure comes to an end, and you can depart at any time today.
  • Your Welcome Moment: Welcome Moment - Meet Your CEO and Group Your Wellness Moment: Onsen Bath Your OMG Day: Mt Fuji Day Tour or Tokyo Food Tour, Tokyo
  • Welcome dinner
  • Village hike in the Kitayama Mountains
  • Kyoto highlights walking tour
  • Kayak or Cycle Lake Tazawa
  • Cherry Bark Hand-on Craft Experience
  • Hike the Michinoku Coastal Trail
  • Sake Brewery Tour and Dinner
  • Nyuto Onsen Hot Springs stay
  • CEO led walk in Kakunodate Samurai Street
  • Unotori Shrine Hike with Kagura performance
  • Jodogahama Beach visit
  • Sappa Boat Tour along the Iwate coastline
  • Visit Fudai Village with local food tasting
  • Tokyo Highlights walking tour
  • Farwell dinner
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
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08 Nov 2024 18 Nov 2024 8 $12,299
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09 May 2025 19 May 2025 15 $12,459
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